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Technology, in one form or another, has always been part of the teaching and learning environment as a delivery medium rather than the curriculum itself. It is among the resources that teachers use to help facilitate student learning, enhance individual learning experiences and develop deeper learning connections. There is an incredible opportunity to make the introduction of computer science, coding, and software development a practical enrichment resource and even a requisite curriculum in K-12 classrooms.

Like any language, fluency in computer programming develops with practice, repetition and mastery of fundamental building blocks. Schools and districts oftentimes do not have a specified path or requisite requirements for the introduction of computer science skills. In order to fit into the curriculum, programming skills must be able to build upon other essential knowledge and do so in an efficient enough manner to be something that can be executed in any classroom.

CodeCombat's curriculum is designed to teach students students computational thinking and core computer science concepts in an easy-to-use, easy-to-administer cloud-based solution. With CodeCombat, no coding experience or training is required. CodeCombat allows teachers to use a self-paced curriculum that gets students started on their own.

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